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A few months ago, I read an ad on Facebook, that said something like, “NASA wants you to show your vision of humanity traveling to Mars in a 5 minutes short film… ‘Rogue One, A Star Wars Story’ Director, Gareth Edwards, will judge your film.

Project Mars Competition

So, after reading the ad I decided that I was going to make a movie, and I did, and thanks to the most amazing group of friends and family that believed in me, we made such and amazing movie, that it WON an special award as the most inspiring film.
I was already in shock and completely overwhelmed when I got a call from NASA, yes NASA, They wanted to let me know that they were going to fly my wife and I to Washington D.C. for a special award Gala at the National Geographic Headquarters, to receive the award and meet the main judge of the competition, GARETH EDWARDS Director of Rogue One, A Star Wars Story, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, and Ellen Stofan director of the National Air and Space Museum. Yes this actually happened.

“A lifetime of gratitude to my wife
and children for their unconditional support.
You, are the greatest adventure of my life.”

Making of 92MARS


Written, Directed and Edited by
Ricardo Bernardini –

Produced by
Gabriela Lanza –
Ricardo Bernardini –

Cinematography by – Michael J. Tang


Vivian Martínez as ARORA
Victoria Bernardini as Arora at 7 years old 
Leonardo Bernardini as Mystery Boy 
Emilia Bernardini as Hannah 
Gabriela Lanza as Astronaut #2 
Cristina Pilo as Hand with Butterfly 

Rick McKee –

Ricardo Bernardini –
Javier Beltran –

COLORIST: Ricardo Bernardini –

Katie Wilcoxson as Arora
Emma Schwartz as Hannah

Gabriela Lanza
Alessio Bernardini
Victor Bernardini
Jaime Creixems

Voice Over Recording Studio — Noteworthy LLC

Rob Burrell — Dialogue Editor

VOICE OVER DEMO Heather Schwartz as Arora
VOICE OVER DEMO Emma Schwartz as Hannah
Super babysitteR#1 Maria Eugenia Garriga
Super babysitter#2 Valentina Pilo
Super Woman Gilcarima Lanza
Super Man Cesar Segovia